Morning Assembly Class XI D

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The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Mountains and fjords
Mountains and fjords
Mountains and fjords

Students of Class XI D depicted the work done by the legendary actress and former Miss Universe, ‘Sushmita Sen’ in the Morning Assembly. Students performed a short skit to showcase the contribution of Sushimta Sen for the welfare of the girl child and to create awareness regarding the same. Sushmita Sen's identification as the first single parent in the country was also highlighted by the students. Her meeting with Mother Teresa at Missionaries of Charity Headquarters Kolkata, which changed her life, was also beautifully presented by the students. Through the assembly presentation students conveyed the message that we should not wait for the world to change for any good cause rather we should change one wrong opinion of ours and we must try to change one life for a better future. The presentation was appreciated by the Principal madam, teachers and the students. The students prepared the skit under the guidance of class teacher Ms Shelly Chaturvedi and Ms Anisha Jain.