Sagar Sangam

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The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Mountains and fjords
Mountains and fjords

Ms.Mridu Prakash Saxena, Sr. HM, welcomed the parents and thanked them for taking out time for the Sagar Sangam. Respected Dubey Sir gave his wise suggestions on the parent - child relationship and how its dynamics change during adolescence. He said that the teenagers should be able to find a stable role model in a reliable family member so that his emotional intelligence can increase. The quality of relationship among the family members also affects the formation of the child’s personality.
Dr.Geetanjali Jha, the counselor, brought to light the teenagers’ point of view. She said that the negative reactions of teenagers, ones must not be taken personally by the parents, as they are just a momentary response. The parents must also make sure to observe and acknowledge the good actions of the children. Efforts should be praised rather than result alone.