Sagar Sangam

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Sagar Sangam for Class VIII commenced with warm wishes for Gurupoornima by Ms. Mridu Saxena. She also shared an experience from her life which taught her that our words and thoughts have power to affect the things and people around us, thus we hold a responsibility to use our words and thoughts in a positive and constructive manner. Respected Dubey Sir said that acceptance and emotional intelligence must be inculcated in the children to make them better at taking healthy decisions in life. Unconditional positive regard for the children must never be taken for granted as it has the power to forge a strong and everlasting bond between the parent and child. Appreciation for the effort should be given first and motivation for higher excellence should come second. Dr. Geetanjali the counselor spoke to the parents about the importance of knowing the friends of the children so that we may know what kind of influences are surrounding the child. Adopt the friend is a concept that helps both the children. She also addressed the issue of loneliness being faced by many adolescents, and it can be countered by an open communication channel between parents and children.