Sagar Sangam

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Mountains and fjords

The first session of Sagar Sangam, for the academic year of 2018 was held on the 6th of June, 2018. Ms. Mridu P. Saxena, Sr. HM, welcomed the parents on a warm note.
Respected Dubey Sir said that during adolescence children go through a “Bio-Psycho-Socio Shift” a term coined by him. Due to these biological, psychological and social changes in them, they begin to get more involved in exciting and adventurous activities. They love challenges and parents must try to observe and recognize this trait in their children. Parents should give them constructive tasks which involve their energies, are challenging and slowly expand their comfort zone. This way the teens will grow into confident and well-settled youngsters.
Dr. Geetanjali Jha, Counselor, emphasized the importance of acceptance and communication between the parents and children. She said that it is a very crucial time for parents to extend their unconditional acceptance and support towards them and motivate them towards excellence without creating pressure. This can be done by appreciating the effort rather than the result. This will make the child feel comfortable in opening up to the parents.

Event date: Friday, July 06, 2018