Career Counselling

The primary objective of the Career Counselling Cell at Sagar Public School is to help the student make a career decision. They get to know themselves better and we make them aware about the knowledge and skills required to make future career and life decisions. Career counseling is more than just deciding on a major or a job, it is a lifelong process. At SPS, we make the students aware about their strengths and weaknesses and match it with the world of work. The following are the services that are being provided at the Career Counselling Cell:

  • Providing information about various career options.
  • Exposing the students to the World of Work
  • With the counselor, the students and parents can talk about their thoughts, ideas, feelings and concerns about their career and educational choices.
  • The counselor will help to sort out, organize and make sense of their thoughts and feelings.
  • Helping in determining steps to develop and achieve career goals
  • Psychometric Assessments conducted which helps the student know their aptitude, personality, interests, etc.

The Career Counselling Cell at SPS aims to provide students and parents a place where all their career related queries are discussed to help them achieve clarity about the same.

Connect with US

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