Hobby Class

If you go for persistence, perfection, patience and prioritization of your passion, your mind , body and soul will be synchronized. An activity chosen as a hobby enables a person to use what talents s/he possess. Getting interested and developing a hobby let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through one. We at Sagar Public School offer varied hobby classes from Class IV – VIII. Keeping in mind, each child’s development and interests, all hobbies are approached with zeal and enthusiasm.

The various hobby classes in which the students can groom themselves are :

  1. Public Speaking & Personality Development
  2. Sports- Basketball, Table Tennis
  3. Dance- Classical, Folk, Western
  4. Painting & Art and craft
  5. Vocal Music
  6. Instrument Music
  7. Quiz Club
  8. Book Club
  9. Judo
  10. Calligraphy